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Author: Jonathan Swanburg

The Cash-Only Spending Plan

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 19 , 2017

I received a call from Alexandra Holterman, a writer for the Work & Money team at Refinery29. For the sake of an article, I Spent Two Weeks Using Only Cash - Here's What I Learned she was going to..

Budgeting For High Income Earners

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 16 , 2017

A personal budget is the cornerstone of a financial plan and yet, amazingly, budgeting isn’t something they teach in school. The end result is a general misunderstanding about the purpose of a..

Investing Mistake: Believing the Myth of Smart Money

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 1 , 2017

Smart money is defined as the dollars bet or invested by people, individually or collectively, with expert knowledge on a subject.  In the world of finance this generally refers to hedge fund..

Investing Mistake: Failing to Set Goals

By Jonathan Swanburg May 31 , 2017

Goals are an important part of developing a long term financial plan. However, when it comes to investing, a broad desire to have as much money as possible is not enough. In order to develop a..

Investing Mistake: Too Much Focus on Risk Aversion

By Jonathan Swanburg May 30 , 2017

As a group, millennials fear stocks. They witnessed the market collapse in 2008 and believe something even bigger and more devastating could be just around the corner. This anxiety is one of the..

Investing Mistake: The Problem with Too Much Emergency Cash

By Jonathan Swanburg May 29 , 2017

Too much cash often seems like a good problem to have.  However, for young professionals looking to maximize future savings, allowing excess cash to build up without being consistently invested..

Investing Mistake: Buying Lottery Stocks

By Jonathan Swanburg May 26 , 2017

Lottery stocks are investments that have huge potential payouts over short time horizons. However, lottery stocks, like lottery tickets most often turn out to be losers. This article focuses on..

Financial Planning Articles On Advisor Insights

By Jonathan Swanburg May 9 , 2017

Before I started to blog for Guided Wealth Management, I was writing financial planning articles for Investopedia Advisor Insights.  Below are links to some of the posts.

Risks of Taking Out 401(k) Loans

By Jonathan Swanburg May 8 , 2017

Taking a loan from your 401(k) at work can seem like a great idea. You get access to cash, there is no credit check, and you pay yourself back with interest. Unfortunately, there are several risks..

Why Bondholders Should Manage Duration Risk

By Jonathan Swanburg May 1 , 2017

Bonds and bond funds are often perceived as being safe investments and buyers typically incorporate them into a portfolio hoping to generate consistent income without the volatility of the stock..