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Author: Jonathan Swanburg

Selecting a Financial Advisor in Houston: Brokers v Investment Advisors

By Jonathan Swanburg Aug 9 , 2017

Financial advisor is a broad term. As I’ve written previously, (See Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before You Invest) investment brokers, insurance agents, investment advisor..

Selecting a Financial Advisor in Houston: Investing Returns

By Jonathan Swanburg Aug 9 , 2017

When searching for investment advice, the first question is often, “What is your past performance?” This question is asked with the best intentions - you probably wouldn’t want to give your money..

Houston Financial Planning Seminar: Highlights

By Jonathan Swanburg Aug 2 , 2017

Last week in our Houston office, we hosted a financial planning seminar focused on the on the planning technology we use to consolidate and analyze our clients' entire financial lives. Rather than..

In Case You Take Fashion Advice from a CFP

By Jonathan Swanburg Jul 7 , 2017

When the author of the CNNMoney article “How to dress like a grownup without breaking the bank” asked if I had any fashion advice for young professionals, I said "No." I know absolutely nothing..

Embracing Stock Market Volatility

By Jonathan Swanburg Jul 3 , 2017

Investing in stocks is an inherently risky endeavor over a short time horizon.  However, over a longer period, stocks tend to outperform less volatile asset classes such as bonds and cash. Whether..

The Cash-Only Spending Plan

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 19 , 2017

I received a call from Alexandra Holterman, a writer for the Work & Money team at Refinery29. For the sake of an article, I Spent Two Weeks Using Only Cash - Here's What I Learned she was going to..

Budgeting For High Income Earners

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 16 , 2017

A personal budget is the cornerstone of a financial plan and yet, amazingly, budgeting isn’t something they teach in school. The end result is a general misunderstanding about the purpose of a..

Investing Mistake: Believing the Myth of Smart Money

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 1 , 2017

Smart money is defined as the dollars bet or invested by people, individually or collectively, with expert knowledge on a subject.  In the world of finance this generally refers to hedge fund..

Investing Mistake: Failing to Set Goals

By Jonathan Swanburg May 31 , 2017

Goals are an important part of developing a long term financial plan. However, when it comes to investing, a broad desire to have as much money as possible is not enough. In order to develop a..

Investing Mistake: Too Much Focus on Risk Aversion

By Jonathan Swanburg May 30 , 2017

As a group, millennials fear stocks. They witnessed the market collapse in 2008 and believe something even bigger and more devastating could be just around the corner. This anxiety is one of the..