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Hurricane Harvey Rumors & Scams Targeting Houston Residents

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When disaster strikes, misinformation tends to spread more rapidly than the truth. This has been especially troubling for Houston residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. To help combat flood related rumors and scams, FEMA has created a site, Hurricane Harvey Rumor Control. It is a Snopes for disaster relief and you should check it out before believing everything you read online.

One of the most important rumors they highlight is when it is appropriate to start cleaning up. To quote FEMA:

There are reports that disaster survivors should not remove flood-damaged sheetrock, flooring, carpet, etc. until the house is assessed by FEMA or insurance adjustors. This is FALSE. (September 1)

Cleaning up and making temporary repairs to your storm-damaged property will not disqualify you from federal disaster assistance.

Property owners are encouraged to document storm damage to their properties – either with photographs or video – and to then begin cleaning up and making whatever temporary repairs are necessary to make their homes safe and habitable again. Put your health and safety first, take pictures of your damaged home, make repairs to prevent further damage to your property, and keep your receipts to show the inspector.


Do You Need Immediate Help Recovering From Hurricane Harvey?

If you have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and need help figuring out your next financial steps, use the button below to schedule  a completely free conversation with Jon Swanburg, our head of Financial Planning. (Or click here for a complete list of Hurricane Harvey relief resources compiled by the State Bar of Texas.)  We, like many of you, have been helped by so many in the community during this time of crisis and we are eager to pay it forward by offering financial guidance to those in need.  

This is not for questions about investments but rather topics like: Who can you contact to reduce utility payments? How do you pay off the credit card debt that may pile up?  Or What are the implications of taking a loan from the 401k to pay for repairs?

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