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Personal Update on Hurricane Harvey

Jonathan Swanburg
By: Jonathan Swanburg
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Since Harvey made landfall, Houston has been blessed with messages of love, kindness and incredible generosity.  For those of you that have been impacted by the flooding, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. 

Since many of you have asked for personal updates, we write a post just to let everyone know that our entire team is safe.  Bill and I are back in the Sugar Land office while many of our coworkers and their families continue to assist in the community. Some are on the front lines of the rescue efforts, some are taking in foster animals, and others are just volunteering as new needs arise. 

Yesterday, for example, I had the surreal experience of kayaking through the community helping neighbors check on the status of their homes.  Most homes, including my own were not flooded on the inside and for that we are incredibly grateful (I took the two pictures in this post while kayaking down my street).  For my fellow Texans that are less fortunate, we, along with the rest of the country, stand ready to help.  If you’re interested, I wrote this piece in Financial Planning Magazine describing my first day of being evacuated. 

Flood 2.jpg

Over the last few days I’ve been compiling some information that would likely be helpful to flood victims and I'll be sharing it on the blog over the next few weeks.  I’ve also setup a special calendar link that would allow anyone to schedule a time to talk if they need to ask questions about recovering from a disaster.  Questions about things like getting assistance with utility payments, figuring out how to pay off the credit card debt, and the implications of taking a loan from the 401k to pay for repairs are all fair game.  Please forward the link below to anyone you think may need to talk.  


Again, thank you for the support.  Hurricane Harvey was a catastrophe that is still getting worse.  However, it was also a wonderful reminder that the world is filled with amazing people.   

 - Jon