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The Third Week After Hurricane Harvey

Jonathan Swanburg
By: Jonathan Swanburg
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Last month, Financial Planning Magazine published an article I wrote in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Today they published a follow up article describing my experience of helping Houston residents recover from devastation, along with some advice for financial planners impacted by Hurricane Irma. You can check out the article here:

Hurricane Irma advice from a planner who survived Harvey

Ultimately, whether you are in Houston, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, or any other city that has been faced with tragedy, the same basic rules apply. The road to recovery will be long but through a combination of compassion, community support, and planning, we will all continue to get through this thing together.


Do You Need Immediate Help Recovering From Hurricane Harvey?

If you have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and need help figuring out your next financial steps, use the button below to schedule a completely free conversation with Jon Swanburg, our head of Financial Planning. (Or click here for a complete list of Hurricane Harvey relief resources compiled by the State Bar of Texas.) We, like many of you, have been helped by so many in the community during this time of crisis and we are eager to pay it forward by offering financial guidance to those in need.

This is not for questions about investments but rather topics like: Who can you contact to reduce utility payments? How do you pay off the credit card debt that may pile up? Or What are the implications of taking a loan from the 401k to pay for repairs?

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