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The Cash-Only Spending Plan

By Jonathan Swanburg Jun 19 , 2017

I received a call from Alexandra Holterman, a writer for the Work & Money team at Refinery29. For the sake of an article, I Spent Two Weeks Using Only Cash - Here's What I Learned she was going to..

Financial Planning Articles On Advisor Insights

By Jonathan Swanburg May 9 , 2017

Before I started to blog for Guided Wealth Management, I was writing financial planning articles for Investopedia Advisor Insights.  Below are links to some of the posts.

How to Keep Your Political Emotions Out of Your Investment Portfolio

By Jonathan Swanburg Mar 28 , 2017

In the article, Trump Boom or Trump Bubble? How to Cash In on the Rally Either Way, a writer for Money Magazine, Ian Salsbury, asked me some questions about the stock market under President Trump..