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Why Bondholders Should Manage Duration Risk

By Jonathan Swanburg May 1 , 2017

Bonds and bond funds are often perceived as being safe investments and buyers typically incorporate them into a portfolio hoping to generate consistent income without the volatility of the stock..

Automating Your Financial Plan

By Jonathan Swanburg Apr 24 , 2017

Most net-savers tend to have similar financial habits.  A person in this group typically spends less than she makes, lets money accumulate in a checking account, and then wonders what she should..

Health Savings Accounts for Retirement

By Jonathan Swanburg Apr 18 , 2017

Most working age professionals that maintain a Health Savings Account (“HSA”) fund it on an annual basis and use the account to pay for immediate healthcare costs as they arise. However, for tax..

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before You Invest

By Jonathan Swanburg Mar 12 , 2017

Hiring a financial advisor can be one of the most important financial decisions an investor ever makes.  The right advisor can help set goals, improve investment returns, create tax efficiencies..