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Health Savings Accounts for Retirement

By Jonathan Swanburg Apr 18 , 2017

Most working age professionals that maintain a Health Savings Account (“HSA”) fund it on an annual basis and use the account to pay for immediate healthcare costs as they arise. However, for tax..

More Questions About Trump, More of the Same Answers

By Jonathan Swanburg Apr 3 , 2017

In the previous post I highlighted a Money Magazine article that included my thoughts about Donald Trump.  Here is similar article from Financial Advisor IQ, Trump & Your Client Portfolios by..

How to Keep Your Political Emotions Out of Your Investment Portfolio

By Jonathan Swanburg Mar 28 , 2017

In the article, Trump Boom or Trump Bubble? How to Cash In on the Rally Either Way, a writer for Money Magazine, Ian Salsbury, asked me some questions about the stock market under President Trump..

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before You Invest

By Jonathan Swanburg Mar 12 , 2017

Hiring a financial advisor can be one of the most important financial decisions an investor ever makes.  The right advisor can help set goals, improve investment returns, create tax efficiencies..